I'm truly blessed to be able to leverage a diverse background in government, industry and academia to become a champion of STEM education and community partnerships. Here's a small sampling of amazing adventures, also known as "work."


Growing up, my parents taught me knowledge is power, and it was my hometown, "Rocket City," that launched my interest in science and engineering. I attended Spelman College as a chemistry major and NASA Women In Science & Engineering Scholarship recipient. This led me to some amazing experiences and eventually multiple career changes.

The best things in life involve internships!  It is no mistake that a previous job involved coordinating internships and industry partners for students.  I wholeheartedly believe that some of the richest learning experiences take place outside of the classroom, outside of comfort zones. I spent four summers at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, researching water quality analysis techniques. I conducted electro-chemistry research abroad in France with Georgia Tech, which encouraged my peers and I to travel freely across Europe on our weekends. In addition, I was a Wolverine in Buckeye Country one summer, working on a City of Columbus Capital Improvement Project. The opportunities I've had to work with seasoned professionals were a very important part of deciding my career moves.

After three years at Spelman College, I went on to attend the University of Michigan and graduated from the Atlanta University Center Dual Degree Engineering Program. I earned both a degree in chemistry and in civil/environmental engineering. After graduation, I joined the Detroit District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a civil engineer and was responsible for environmental restoration and construction projects. 


championing STEM EDUCATION

As a leader within multiple nonprofits including NAASC and NSBE, I began to realize my strengths and passion in mentoring and teaching youth.  Through tutoring and volunteering as an ACT prep instructor, I began to recognize the lack of college prep and exposure to STEM in traditional school settings.  To help me pursue my passion, I was awarded the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Woodrow Wilson Michigan Teaching Fellowship. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this experience was the first cohort in Michigan and afforded me a rigorous Master's program, a yearlong clinical/classroom internship and mentor teachers within Detroit Public Schools. It opened up an incredible, lifetime network of distinguished professors, veteran educators and other fellows with rich academic and professional backgrounds that I have leaned on for advice and shared the joys and challenges of the fellowship.

As a certified STEM teacher, I served as a high school educator in Detroit, implementing Project Lead the Way (PLTW) curricula.  In addition to starting my school district's first ever robotics elective, I became the advisor for a Junior chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers and coached an award winning underwater robotics team. It has often been said that teaching is one of the most difficult yet most rewarding careers, and I can also say this with much confidence. However, my students are some of the most remarkable teachers I've ever had in my life.  At the heart of STEM is inquiry, curiosity, discovery and introspection. Whenever I designed lessons or a curriculum, incorporating these important aspects, I never expected to learn so many real life lessons from my students about those very things. 

After completing my teaching fellowship, I joined the DC Public Schools' Office of College and Career as a Program Specialist. In this role, I served as a PLTW State Leader for the District of Columbia, serving over 500 students in 12+ high school programs.  I secured $125,000 in grants that helped fund the first high school PLTW programs "east of the river" at Anacostia and H.D. Woodson High Schools.

One of my proudest accomplishments is becoming a TED-Ed Innovative Educator. As leaders within TED’s global network of over 250,000 educators, we help people make the most of the TED-Ed Platform. Throughout the year-long program, we connected regularly across time zones and international borders to share innovations that spark learners' curiosity. For my Innovation Project, I am spreading affordable and accessible STEM lessons using TED-Ed. 


As an entrepreneur, my mission is to help students fast-track their boldest academic goals. My bootcamps and tutoring services help clients master the content, not just teach to a test. I invest back into clients who bring in referrals and help the business grow. Do you know anyone who might want to earn cash back while they learn? Book a consultation or tutoring session today.