Dedicated to "Beacons of Heavenly Light"...

My open letter to past presidents of Spelman College


Dear Dr. Cole, Dr. Manley and Dr. Tatum,

This Women’s History month, I am taking time to honor and give thanks to women who have inspired my journey thus far.  Please accept this letter as a small token of my appreciation to the amazing example you’ve set for Spelman women.  While studying chemistry and engineering at Spelman College, I developed an interest in education and have been tutoring, teaching and mentoring young women ever since.  I even changed my career from engineer to educator five years ago.  My dream is to earn a Ph.D. (I would be the first in my immediate and extended family) and become an educator, humanitarian, activist, author and college president like you.

As I write my own HERstory, I sometimes wonder if the career choices and steps I’ve taken for professional development are too small for my big dreams.  But I know that is just fear and doubt clouding my “beacons of heavenly light” that seek to illuminate my path to success.  If you have any words of wisdom for an aspiring leader who wants to remove those clouds of doubt and illuminate paths for others, I would be honored to have your advice.

Again, thank you for your service to Spelman College and for being an inspiration to me.

Happy Women's History Month,