Dedicated to Innovators...


TED Speaker Richard Turere is one of my inspirations for, and he gave his TED talk at just 12 years old! His story is just one of the small instances that I have been collecting and using to create lessons to bring to fruition.

I don't remember exactly when I first did the Marshmallow Challenge, but it must have been during my Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship. Together, former WWTF Director, Dr. Dersh, and 7 time TED Speaker, Tom Wujec, are a couple of my personal heroes for showing me the power of collaboration and acknowledging hidden assumptions through the Marshmallow Challenge.

The Marshmallow Challenge is the perfect way to teach collaboration and hidden assumptions in a fun and collaborative way. It is so great in fact, it is the first of many lessons that I'm featuring as part of my TED-Ed Innovation Project. I've conducted this lesson with every class I've ever taught because it sets the tone in the classroom as a collaborative and innovative space. Click here to see and support my project.


However, my favorite inspirations are the many students I've taught over the years. They've taught me more about life and innovation in education than perhaps I've taught them about STEM.

This post is dedicated to innovators like my students and like Richard, Tom, Charles and teachers around the world whose lessons (aka innovations) yield HUGE results and taught more than they would ever know!