Dedicated to the Builders...

What are we building today that will last 1,000 years?
— Chris Anderson, @TEDchris, TED Curator

Just a few days back from #TEDSummit, I feel like a magnet, trying to pull and slide back to Banff. Today, I especially felt that pull as I forcibly get back into the groove of my often tumultuous work in education. However, I am grateful, blessed really, for the "in-between times" (Thank you Jen Ward!) that allow me to reflect and take on more positive perspectives of the frustrating and fickle times that are inevitable in this work. 

I truly miss the warm smiles and unending feeling of connectedness from TED's radiant amalgam of individuals. Thankfully, is nothing short of amazing, and I can refresh those vivid memories and share them here.

Chris opened #TEDSummit with a fascinating question to which the answer is simply "ideas that stand the test of time, pushing past borders and encouraging compassion."  In the wake of the political tectonic plates shifting our global landscapes, Chris and many other #TEDSummit speakers urged us all to champion "ideas of inclusion and tolerance... now more than ever." 

This post is dedicated to all the "Builders," who think thousands of years down the road. I'm grateful for the positive and adverse situations that put my perceived daily grind in perspective, and if i'm being honest, in check. My grind is a reminder to build for 1,000 years, not just for next semester.