Dedicated to Curators...

On your long journey here, I hope to make you smile, laugh and think...



1) I think, therefore I am, therefore I am love

2) We are Father and Mother trees (I saw this one in person!)

3) Art is peace (I saw this one in person too!)

4) Teamwork makes the dream work (I used this in my classroom!)

5) There is an inventor is us all (I used this in my classroom too!)

6) Paradigm shifting: Beauty, inevitability and impossibility

7) You are my stress reliever

8) The danger of a single story

9) My heartbeat is a code for something inappropriate

10) Short+sweet = unbounded questioning

11) To spam or not to spam (I saw an updated version of this live!)

12) Where we fell in love

13) I met this one guy once

This post is dedicated the muses and angels (aka Curators) that speak life and love into us and demand beauty and giving art away for free.