Dedicated to those who Love + Give = Live...

I am always shocked (floored really) when people, especially those I love, go above and beyond for me.

For example, my best friend, Courtney, gave me points to fly to DC for an interview. I know I got the job because of her. She really pushed me, edited my cover letter and resume, and even booked a hotel room for me for the job's orientation. These are just a few ways that she's been the light in my life.

Another example is Antyrio, I affectionately call Rio, who is and continues to be a God-send. In the whirlwind rush to move me from Detroit to my new job in DC, he was there every step of the way. I was fully prepared to be evicted, but he stepped in and paid my rent for 4 months.

I rarely experience love like this outside of my family. That said, I think I rarely give like this either. And the fact that both of these people live 8+ hours away by car, shakes me even more.

This post is dedicated to Courtney, Antyrio, my mom, aunts, uncles and grandma too, and to those who live through loving and giving. I'm eternally grateful to you all. I promise to up my giving game.