Dedicated to Adventurers...

— Ashley Huffmon, TED-Ed Innovative Educator

TED changed my life in 10,317 steps. This is how many steps I walked last night, BEFORE my phone died. Five of us left from dinner downtown to return to Banff Centre. I decided to walk to the shuttle. Two blocks in, I missed my turn to the shuttle, and I panicked! My subconscious must have known something that I didn't. I kept going. We continue walking in pitch. black. darkness. Truth is, I've suffered from anxiety all my life. I asked myself, "Is safety more important than new friends?" I finally arrive safely. I took 10,317 steps to make four lifelong friends and a new perspective on adventure and healing.

This post is dedicated to adventurers in action and in thought like my fellow TED-Edsters Ashley Huffmon, Natalie Coleman, Shameka Dior Willams and Bojana Golubovic.