Dedicated to My Parents...

“A picture with a caption is a blog post.”
— Logan Smalley, Director, TED-Ed

I've had trouble starting and keeping blogs in the past, so I'd like to thank Logan Smalley for breaking down what a blog is and can be.

This blog site is entitled "Dedications" to keep my self accountable for being grateful as often as possible.  Here comes the cheesy, the sentimental, the outpour...

My life is a metaphor for a crossroads, a traffic circle, 2 or more directions, paths, lanes--converging and diverging. No wonder this metaphor is apropos as I was born smack dab in the middle of the year on June 1st. #geminiseason I'm even a middle child! 

Even now, I find myself diverging from a previous chapter in life of being a classroom teacher and on the verge of choosing a new path--one I'm hoping and praying for, one that I'll not let anything stand in my way.

I dedicate this inaugural post to my parents Lydia and Carl Lane. Thanks for paving my first paths.